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Exciting News! will soon become Stay tuned!
Top Rated Keyboard for a Beginner in 2020

Top Rated Keyboard for a Beginner in 2020

A while back I was teaching children different instruments.

The hardest part for most parents was choosing the right instrument for their child, and then finding the specific model best for him.

Below is the best seller featured on Amazon and many different sites that would be relevant for a beginner.

For a beginner, it is obvious that budget + potential should be combined. Some of the most important features for beginners are simplicity, quality sound, and the right accesories.

This package Yamaha PSRE263 Keyboard has everything a starter to the keyboard needs. 

Inluded with it is:

  • 61 keys - just right for starter to mid level musicians
  • A Keyboard Bench and Stand from Knox
  • Excellent set of Headphones (Tascam TH-03)
  • Yamaha Electronic Keyboard Survival Kit with a 2 year warranty

This model also provides over 400 different instrment voices allowing for a wide range of music genres with high quality sound.

An interesting thing about this keyboard, you have a mode called duo. It allows for two people to play at once, making sure that even when you aren't studying, you can still have lots fun.

Finnaly, the most important thing about learning music is practice. Practice. Practice.

This keyboard’s compact, light-weight design and battery power allows you to take your instrument with you wherever you go. Wether it's to the country in the summer, or mid winter vacation, there is no excuse for falling behind in practicing. 😉


Best of luck in your musical journey!

Reach out with any questions and we'd be glad to help you.

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