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The Best Alto Saxophone for Beginner Students 2020

The Best Alto Saxophone for Beginner Students 2020

Everyone asks "Which Saxophone should I buy for my child?".

It is a great question without a simple answer.

After much research, we would suggest the Mendini by Cecilio E-Flat Alto Saxophone.

You may ask why?

The first reason is it has excellent sound quality considering it's price. It will also stay tuned for quite a while compared to other brands.


For the beginner, price is always important since there is no proof that the student will stick long-term to the instrument. This saxophone has an extremely low price tag and still provides an excellent opportunity for the student to get started.

It comes with a whole package of extras and nothing else is required to start expressing music. You get a tuner, mouthpiece with ligature, hard case (special for saxophone), box of 2.5 reeds, neck strap, cleaning rod, polishing cloth and even a pair of white gloves to feel cool.

This model is a best seller on many websites for beginners and is recommended by most music teachers to start with.

Click here to check the price on Amazon

For the beginning stages of an awesome career in playing the saxophone, this sax is a perfect, budget-friendly instrument to start making beautiful music.

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